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GTA Quake

(gtaq.zip, 10,394,821 bytes)


  • Some of the cars from GTA2
  • All the gangs from GTA2
  • New player weapons: Flamethrower, electrogun, molotov cocktails & machine gun
  • Car weapons: Machine guns, mines, oil slicks, car bomb
  • Only levels so far are gq_test1 (Modified Fragtown 5) and gq_test2
  • Bad vehicle physics
  • Very bad models
  • Even worse skins
  • Probably quite a few nasty bugs

To install

Simply unzip to a new directory (e.g. 'gtaq') inside Quake.
Then, launch the game and bind the following aliases (defined in autoexec.cfg):

Bind +gtaq_forward to your usual forward key, and it will operate player and car movement
Ditto, bind for both player & car movement
Ditto again
Ditto again
gtaq_useUse an item; IIRC the only use so far is getting in/out of cars
gtaq_statsDisplay some stats about yourself
gtaq_helpList the controls
gtaw_steeringlockToggle the 'steering lock', allowing you to freely move the camera in, e.g., the tank.

Player weapon slots

  1. Axe/Molotov cocktails
  2. Shotgun/Machine gun
  3. Double barrel shotgun
  4. Nailgun
  5. Super nailgun
  6. Grenade launcher/Flamethrower
  7. Rocket launcher
  8. Lightning gun/Electrogun

Car weapon slots

  1. Horn (Not implemented)
  2. Machine guns
  3. Mines
  4. Oil slicks
  5. Car bomb (Press fire to start 5sec fuse). This will activate slot 8 to signal that the bomb is armed
  6. Turret weapons
  7. Siren (Not implemented)

The gang system

You are able to join gangs by walking into one of their recruitment centres; in gq_test2 these are underneath the big blocks of earth you see floating above the ground. You will then be able to take over 'free' sections of territory; see the supplied demos for more info.


  • Space (i.e. jump) *should* work as the handbrake, but don't expect to be able to pull great skids quite yet. It will also allow you to hover the helicopter - keep it held down and you will be able to turn to face any direction without moving.
  • If someone steals a car which you've stuck a bomb in, then it explodes when they enter.
  • It helps if you use 'deathmatch 1' when you play, otherwise dieing will reload the level.
  • Also you may need to use '-winmem 16', '-winmem 32', etc. when you launch if it keeps crashing/running slowly.
  • To get in a car, get as close as you can to a door then press the use key.
  • At the moment, all the cars handle exactly the same.
  • Getting caught in a ped/car spawn point while in a car will get you killed.
  • You can't (yet) pickup powerups, runes or keys while in cars.
  • The key slots are now taken up by weapons, so will work as each other in SP games (Pick up a key -> get a weapon. Unlock a door -> lose a wepaon).

To do

  • Fix bugs
  • Improve car physics
  • Improve other stuff
  • Add horns and sirens
  • Add more vehicles which have turret weapons (jeep, fire truck)
  • Add trains
  • Add hovercraft and mini subs
  • Add RC planes
  • Add job system (Full multiplayer support)
  • Improve models and skins
  • Add more cars
  • Add support for multiple people in the same car
  • Add long vehicles
  • Tweak damage system (e.g. peds weaker, rockets stronger, explosions causing fire, etc)
  • Add proper police (e.g. roadblocks, getting arrested, etc)
  • Add radio support (GTA CD, GTA London CD, any CD, and maybe GTA2 music (290MB of wav's!))
  • Add kill frenzies and Hordes Of Elvis Impersonators (TM)

Nicked bits

bombtime.wav purloined from TFC for Half-Life
engine sounds either purloined from one of the various Quake Rally incarnations, probably Gold Cup Beta
some vehicle models and things (e.g. vehicle mines) purloined from AirQuake

Page last modified 03/03/2005