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VNC server

V0.18 (28/8/2017): vnc_serv.zip (166,436 bytes). Suitable for RISC OS 3.5 and above, ARMv3-ARMv8

This is Hernik Bjerregaard Pedersen's VNC server with improvements added by Crispian Daniels, David Llewellyn-Jones, and now myself.

Changes made to this version, compared to the previous:

  • Fixed handling of RAM transmit protocol when reading the RISC OS clipboard; this fixes some problems with StrongED misbehaving when it owns the clipboard. However, there are also some bugs in StrongED itself (version 4.69f9) which will cause menus to spontaneously close when StrongED owns the clipboard, so disabling clipboard support in the VNC server (*vncserv_enable_clipboard 0) might be wise if a new StrongED version isn't available yet.
  • Fixed screen handling to cope with modes where scanlines aren't tightly packed in memory
Full source is included.

Page last modified 28/08/2017