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V1.03-JL (27/4/2019): cp103.zip (85,803 bytes). Includes source and binaries for RISC OS (3.5+).

CodePressor compresses Absolute and Untyped files. It performs best on small programs and is really only suitable for 1K, 2K and 4K coding competitions.

Changes from the last Topix version (1.02):

1.03-JL (27/4/2019)

  • Change: Binary recompiled using GCC 4.7.4 for compatibility with latest machines (and now uses Shared C Library instead of UnixLib).
  • Change: Decompression code made 26/32bit neutral. This has added up to 3 instructions to some of the decompression routines.
  • Fix: Program now reports correct version number (was reporting 1.00).
  • Fix: Register corruption bug in method 0 would result in broken output if input file load address required more than two instructions.

Page last modified 27/04/2019